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way and that they are angry and fed up with washington and they can decide elections. we saw it in virginia and new jersey. >> we did. we absolutely did. we're going to get you to hang on, norah. joining norah on the victory, nbc news chief mark whit can kerr with us and nbc's mike viqueira. we'll pick up on what norah said. it's like any relationship whether you're married or dating, you'd better not take the person for granted and that's what we're seeing here. don't take me for granted no matter who you are. i think this is all about independents. barack obama won in 2008 because he attracted independents who were fed up with the republicans after the bush administration and what we've seen now first in virginia and new jersey and now massachusetts independents who are frustrated with what's happening in washington, who frankly don't like either party, are going to vote their anger by voting against incumbents. the real question, a lot of soul-searching on the democratic side but i think there also has to be on the republican side where there is still a lot of tension betw
from the plains all the way to the potomac. washington, d.c. is dealing with 12 inches of snow today. it also has very cold temperatures. the highs are expected to be just around 30 degrees, if not less. increasing concern for d.c. and other areas about clean-up after the storm treating the black ice on the slippery roadways. the snow and ice is expected to linger until monday in memphis. the rough wintry weather was too much for this tree. the ice formed on the branches. that gave way and crashed on to a house. no one was jerd. >>> 10 to 14 inches of snow fell across virginia. dominion says they've restored power to all but a few hundred customers. good news because some really cold air is about to settle in. >>> carl parker joins me now from the weather channel in atlanta. >> good morning, alex. we've got a very chilly picture. this is the current snow cover across the country. about three-quarters of the country now seeing some snow on the ground. a lot of snow here in parts of the west. there's that stripe from the latest storm that occurred in the mid-south and eventually the so
votes on the order of what we saw back in 1994. so a lot going on here in washington on the political side, alex. unfortunately for those who want to see things done in washington, legislatively, what this bodes for that is poorly because you're going to see a lot of political posturing, a lot of votes in congress to sort of set people up, make them take tough votes heading into the november election. that does not speak well to the possibility of legislative accomplishments. >> i'm just going to make one thing clear, you slip of the tongue mentioned the president had gone shirtless and you meant tieless, i know that. feisty, i'm like okay, well that would be feisty. but let's go quick and look at the president's week ahead. preview that for us. >> sure. wednesday night, the big state of the union speech. a lot of people will be happy to know it's not the following wednesday night when the preview of a certain popular television show or first episode of a you popular television show is due to air. it's going to be on the 27th. we expect that he will strike the same populace themes tha
. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington, and we're going to begin this hour with some breaking news out of baghdad. iraq's capital city has been rocked today by three separate bomb blasts striking near three hotels. at least 31 people were killed and at least one of the hotels targeted was popular with western journalists. martin truval joins us on the phone. martin, what have you seen this morning? what was the scene? >> david, a series of defs taking attacks. hotels were blown up first. the second the babylon hotel just south of the u.s. embassy across the river and thirdly came the hotel home to us all for a long time. it started with gunmen shooting at the hotel and shooting at the guards. the guards have the hotel -- are fighting in retreat. they took up defensive positions. as they did that, the military just got out of the car, which was a white security van with a red flashing light on the roof, hoping to get to the hotel, drove inside and detonated. and the carnage is horrific. but all four hotels are destroyed. >> from my own experience, ma h marti
.e.a.l.s. good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon, tamron. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> hey, david. good afternoon. i'm tamron hall live in new york. we begin with breaking news. less than an hour ago the brother of nancy kerrigan pleaded not guilty to assault charges. their father died over the weekend after what prosecutors describe as a struggle with his son. mark kerrigan did not speak during the hearing. as you can see there he put his head down and wept. whd reporter is in woburn, massachusetts, with more on this. what else do we know about the alleged argument. >> it's in these police reports we learned it was brenda kerrigan, mother of nancy who called police and let them know her husband and son were pushing and shoving, when he femme and later died. mark kerrigan, brother of nancy kerrigan is brought to district court. he's charged with assault and battery after allegedly fighting with his 70-year-old father daniel inside the family's home. police and paramedics arrived they found daniel kerrigan on his back unconscious. emts tried to revive him but he later died at the h
is on the wrong track. 81% say that the u.s. is heading in the wrong direction. this according to a "washington post"/kaiser harvard poll. good morning. good to see you, ed. >> good to see you. >> we have "the washington post" which notes in the '08 election, president obama won decisively among voters. what changed? >> he remains pretty popular with folks who showed up to vote. they have real issues with his health care plan. the meetings and negotiations that were held between the two houses of congress have been closed. there isn't bipartisanship and a lot of concern about cost. this in a state which has essentially a universal health care plan. they have big issues with how washington is handling the current health care debate. >> voters said their top issues were health care reform. the efforts in washington. the economy, the jobs, and the way washington is working. it was among the top things on the list they weren't happy with. washington workings, why don't they like it? >> i think for all of the reasons i've seen. they play out in the last few months. again, you can't get a deal done.
of power in 2010. >> one of washington's most influential columnists is demanding the white house social secretary, the obamas' close friend, be fired. >> google shags up the mobile phone market. a new smart phone that could pose a threat to the popular iphone. all that plus how to stay occupied during those really long delays caused by airport security. ♪ >>> t >>> "the big picture" starts right now. good afternoon. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> i'm tamron hall live in new york. we have breaking news this hour out of california. meadows field airport, bakersfield, california, it is about to reopen at this hour after being temporarily shut down when two tsa baggage screeners were overcome by fumes emitted from a checked bag. joining us on the phone is misty reid, a reporter. misty, what else can you tell bus this bag? as i said already, they are reopening the airport sit self. >> reporter: i can tell you that there were earlier media reports locally that the substance found may have been tnt. but we haven't confirmed that yet. i know that they are about to reopen it and the
, everybody, happy new year, tamron. i'm live in washington. >> good to see you. i'm tamron hall live in new york. big picture at this hour, counter-terrorism officials have now added dozens of people onto that terror watch list and no-fly list after reviewing a massive government database of suspected terrorists. more than 500,000 names are currently in the database as nbc news first reported, the government checked thousands of names in the system after the christmas day bombing attempt aboard a detroit-bound northwest airlines jet. attempted bombing suspect umar abdulmutallab was in the data, but key point not on the no-fly list. >>> new rules went into effect for travelers flying to the united states from overseas. all passengers from or traveling through 14 countries considered high-risk are to receive full body patdowns and have their carry-on luggage opened and inspected. let's bring in tom costello. the new rules took into effect today. you were detailing how intense the security was, even yourself patted down head to toe. >> i was coming in from brussels, not on the list of countrie
today, mr. brown heads to washington after his massachusetts upset. what some call the mass revolt. the nation's newest senator makes the rounds on capitol hill. >>> california dreamin. maybe not now. days of rain force cliff sides to give way. look at those shots. they are forcing hundreds of evacuations. is there any relief ahead? >>> ott also on the same day the president poses new restrictions on banks, billions in profits. those details are ahead. you're watching msnbc. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app... anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe. vo: download the glovebox app free at >>> downtown scotty brown. that's what they called him when he played college basketball. today he's heading from boston to the capital where he's been meeting with some
>>> good morning. i'm tamron hall. president obama will land in washington to respond to the botched attack of a u.s. airliner as u.s. and british embassies in yemen remain closed for a second day. and airports across the globe, those traveling to the u.s. are facing heightened security and that now means patdowns and full body scans for anyone traveling from or through countries considered high risk. but closer to home a security breach is raising more questions about our nation's airport security. this happening at newark airport. this time an entire terminal is shut down. thousands of passengers forced to be rescreened and, get this, the unidentified man who set it off, well, that person is still missing. plus, an arctic blast puts a deep freeze on most of the nation as temperatures plunge to record lows from florida to the great plains. and developing right now the world's tallest building is officially open for business. we're bringing you live pictures from dubai where the grand inauguration is under way. and we have a lot of great shots including all the people
of snow from washington, d.c. as we look at the white house where there is a steady snow falling. washington, d.c. was just upgraded to a winter storm warning. areas of virginia could see anywhere from eight to 12 inches of snow and of course snow, sleet and ice left two thirds of the country in a deep freeze. winter storm warnings from eastern tennessee to virginia. let's get the latest on the storm developments from nbc's meteorologist ginger zee who's taking the storm for us. it's been busy. good morning. >> it's been a busy three days with this storm. it started in texas. oklahoma felt it. they have power outages there. as you mentioned, winter storm warnings exist in virginia and north carolina. just slightly west from that region. so you can see the coral color. that's where the worst of the storm will be today. now, it is moving quickly. that's good news. you can see here the snowy end in virginia and north now. it's mostly got an eastern track. there is a high pressure system above it that's blocking it out from areas like boston and new york. now, it's going to leave nit
to keep a close eye on things now in washington. we have the president at the vermont avenue baptist church. we don't know exactly when he's taking to the podium because we don't have one of the church programs in front of us. nonetheless we know that he will be speaking to the congregation about the relief efforts from the united states and haiti as well as the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. ahead of tomorrow's national holiday celebrating him and his legacy. we're going to stay on top of this. when the president takes podium, we're still on it. when he gets there, we'll take you there, too. >>> also in a few minutes we'll look at the food being given to the people of haiti. will it be enough to sustain them? we're going to continue to bring you live reports throughout the day, into the evening tonight on the efforts to save the people of haiti. >>> let's look now at some of the other stories making news. first, from iraq, saddam hussein's cousin, the man known as chemical ali, was convicted today of crimes against humanity. he will be hanged for a poison gas attack on a kurdi
that the popular anger is sweeping and taking root of washington. many top democrats like jeff merckly in oregon and barbara boxer in california have tough re-election fights this year. they're saying they're going to vote no against ben bernanke, the president a's choice for a second term when he needs to be confirmed at the end of this month. the president was talking to key senators yesterday on the phone. they say they're confident ben bernanke will be confirmed. but this was this morning on "meet the press" -- >> will you vote for him as head of the fed? >> he's going to have bipartisan support in the senate. >> will you vote for him? >> he'll have bipartisan support. >> are you concerned? >> i think he is going to be confirmed. >> do you have concerns about his renomination? spl some might have members do but i think he is going to be confirmed. >> there you go. mish mcconnell not even committing to whether he himself will vote for him. but he's saying, don't worry, wall street and america, ben bernanke is going to be confirmed. it is going to be a tough year to try to get anything done be
in washington, is going to be meeting in the situation room and, perhaps, it was a result of that renewed scrutiny. of course the president did reveal that detail that we have learned since the thwarted attack, that al qaeda in yemen played a very large role in it. perhaps that was part of the upshot, some of the new information we're learning. >> what's the key in terms of this tuesday meeting that president obama has called for at the white house when he returns from vacation? what specifically is he asking from all of his intelligence agency heads on this? >> this information that he shared with the american people yesterday, that al qaeda on the arabian peninsula had a hand in this thwarted attack, wants to know why intelligence agencies didn't share that information with each other? after all, it was the 9/11 commission that is responsible, their recommendations, for forming many of these very same agencies, they were supposed to share this information. this was the problem prior to 9/11 and apparently it still lingers in the u.s. government, david. >> nbc's mike viqueira at the whit
are and the travel forecast head over to >>> let's go to washington now and the newest efforts to fight the growing federal deficit. tomorrow, president obama will send his proposed 2011 budget to congress. the white house says its budget will save $20 billion next year. even though "the new york times" says the spending plan increases funding for education, research programs and struggling states. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house. with a good sunday morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> talk about which programs, mike, are on the chopping block and which ones are getting a boost? >> i think the president's going to achieve a measure of bipartisanship when he submits his budget stoerm. there's something in here for democrats and republicans to really dislike. they can join together in that regard, alex. the white house is trying to emphasize the cost-cutting measure, the trims that they're going to make in this budget. it is a $3.8 trillion budget. it's up $200 billion from last year. the white house let it be known yesterday that some 120 programs tucked away in the vast f
in washington so we have to change the culture here. that's not something that's easy, it's not something that's going to happen overnight but certainly they have every reason to be frustrated. >> meantime, what's happened to the president's legislative initiative? is that signature piece of legislation, the health care bill that they brought to the doorstep to the 11th hour. then finally the wheels come off the wagon after that massachusetts election. the prospects dimming by the day. mitch mcconnell is the republican leader of the senate. here's what he said on "meet the press" about the health care bill. >> the people are telling us please don't pass this bill. now if they get past this arrogant phase that they've been stuck in nor about a year that "we know best," "we don't want to listen to public opinion, we want to "make history," if they can work their way past that and concentrate on the real problem which is the cost, we'll be able to look at it but i think we should be concentrating on the economy. >> reporter: about a third of the senate is up for re-election in november. we'll lik
republicans. the president says americans want washington to focus on jobs not bipartisan bickering. the gop claims they have the answer and hand delivered them to the president. 37 minutes, that's all it took for a jury to convict a man who said he killed a prominent abortion provider in order to save the lives of unborn children. we'll take you live to the courthouse in kansas. >>> james o'keefe issued a lengthy statement about his arrest at a senator mary landrieu's office. we'll have that and the reaction from the federal prosecutors considering a grand jury indictment. >>> a ufo sighting in ireland. is this the video that could prove it? we'll talk to one expert that believes it could be true and has been investigating ufos for years. the big picture starts now. >>> good evening, i'm david shuster. my colleague tamron hall is off today. during a confrontation live here on msnbc news, president obama addressed house republicans at their retreat and then took a series of questions aimed squarely at his agenda. the president made his case for health care once again by calling out the repub
's moving east and bringing with it three to five inches of snow for washington, d.c. there's the proof of it right now. we give you a live look all the the white house where the steady snow is falling there. areas of virginia could get eight to 12 inches of snow. and snow, sleet and ice left about two-thirds of the country in a deep freeze. winter storm warnings in effect from eastern tennessee to virginia and also developing today, new information on how the storm is shutting down air travel for thousands. suffice it to say it's a mess. we are going to ginger who's following the developments for us. good morning to you. a busy day. >> good morning to you. i have been watching the numbers and the snow is piling up. a lot of times it's piled up on top of ice. that's when it gets really messy. you have power outages and it's cold behind the storms, really cold. we feel it in the northeast. the midwest has been feeling it for days. you can see the map with the watches and warnings. the winter storm warning is the deep coral color. that's the area that will be affected. more snow all in to
, everybody, alex. i'm david shuster in washington. >> good afternoon, david. tamron hall has the day off. we're waiting to hear from president obama. moments ago the white house pushed back the time he's scheduled to speak. it's now set for 4:30 eastern time. he will then give details of a report he ordered from deputy security adviser on the missteps voupding the christmas day bombing attempt aboard the northwest airlines jet and why it was not prevented. national security adviser jim jones said the report will shock americans. shortly after the president speaks, set for 4:45 at this point, top brass from homeland security agency will join robert gibbs and take questions from reporters. let's go to nbc white house correspondent savannah guthrie with the latest. savannah, any reason given to you for the pushback by 90 minutes? >> no. i have one more update for you. the briefing you machinesed by janet napolitano and gibbs has been moved from 4:45 to 5:15. i certainly asked what reason is for these delays and we haven't been given a response. my guess is what they are doing is some last minut
to ignite that bomb on a flight in christmas. washington correspondent for the "new york daily news" good morning james. >> good morning, how are you? >> great. hope you are too. let's get to this. we're learning a bit more about what happened during the interrogation some 30 hours of the nigerian man umar abdulmutallab, during this time he reportedly said al qaeda was training as many as 20 other young muslim men to blow up airlines. let's get to what you're hearing about what he's saying and outside of that too. >> what's interesting to me about all of this, alex, we heard that he was coughing up information from the get-go. i mean we heard this the weekend following christmas. what struck me, i was a little dubious at first because al qaeda trade craft certainly isn't to spill your guts after you get caught. their operatives have long been trained to resist and to feed misinformation, if anything, to interrogators. we certainly heard a lot about that over the years about the cia's interrogations of top al qaeda figures. so, i think that this guy did actually give some very useful infor
jobs. president obama is not the only washington politician on the road today. members of congress are heading home for the weekend with no consensus on the democratic side and how to even spin the health care reform train wreck. ken strickland is live on capitol hill and, ken, in the midst of a recession, spending a year on health care reform and having nothing to show for it doesn't seem like a winning strategy. so what do the democrats do now? >> reporter: last night key democratic senate leaders, chuck schumer, chris dodd, max baucus, walked into a closed door meeting to talk about health care all insist enter, repeated, the health care bill is not dead, they say. any reporter who has a credential to get into the united states capitol are all scurrying around trying to find any vital signs the health care bill is still living and has life. here's a diagnosis so far. the fastest way to pass health care seems to be off the table. yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi said that she does not have the votes among her membership to basically take the senate bill as is and pass it. if
one complaint about washington, and people would say, they don't get anything done. so here you have a new president, a fresh face, optimism, and the air has been let out of the room. how do you get that back? >> well, remember, he was flying high when he got inaugurated and you look at what he has gotten done. again, the economy is stabilized. you look at the fact that money has been invested. tax cuts for 95% of the people in this country during a very difficult time, unemployment extended. there were a number of economic things that got done. but i think it was overwhelmed by the debates and some of the divisive rhetoric and misnfx out there. this is his moment to get it back on track. he's not going to solve every problem in the state of the union but it is a new beginning to bring people together as we move forward. >> a reset moment perhaps for this administration. thank you very much, senator amy klobuchar, always good to have you on. >> good to be on. >>> for more, i'm joined by msnbc contributor and "washington post" editorial writer jonathan capehart and karen finney, forme
was carrying 129 people on it ways from washington, d.c., to las vegas, when the passenger in his late 30s got up from his seat and started to behave strangely. >> he was shaking the cockpit door and then he went to the exit and tried to open the exit and went back to the cockpit door. >> one minute he said he was going to get of the plane and then the next minute he said he was going to the bathroom. it didn't make sense what was going on with him mentally. >> so passengers leapt into action and subdued that man. the pilots diverted to denver where police took the passenger into custody. the fbi says the suspect consumed alcohol both before and during the flight and was sent for a medical evaluation. supposed to limit the drinks right? >>> near chicago, officials in illinois are investigating a deadly plane crash this morning. two people inside the plane were killed when the twin engine slammed into a garage at the house in suburban chicago yesterday. no one inside the home was hurt. the plane had just taken off from a nearby airport. >>> so could this be the end of brad and angelina? reports
. >>> president obama set to return to washington tomorrow ahead of a tuesday meeting with top national security officials on the series of failures that allowed the bomb suspect to board a plane, armed with explosives. joining us now live richard wolf, an msnbc political analyst. richard, the developments in gemmen are intriguing regardless of what's fueling them. let's go through the possibilities. general petraeus meets with yemeni leaders yesterday. today they decide to announce there's an active al qaeda threat. is it possible that maybe this is because general petraeus meetings with yemeni leaders did not go as well as he had hoped? >> it's possible, but there's another piece of news as well, which is that the british government announced that it was setting up with the americans a counter terrorism police unit in yemen and, you know, if you are going to say we're going take these people on directly it's going to be american and british funded because the yemeni government cannot deal with this, it's a deeply dysfunctional government, not really in control of its territory, then you can ex
morning, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington. and we're going to begin this hour with harry reid for the second time in three days president obama publicly came to reid's toefs over his racially charged comments about the president's skin color and speaking style. reid has been trying to put the matter to rest. last night the president gave an interview to tv one's roland martin for a prime time special to air on martin luther king day. >> this is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to try to make hay out of that makes no sense. >> more than a year ago reid told the authors of the book "game change" he liked senator obama's chances of winning the presidency because mr. obama was, quote, light skinned with no negro dialect. yesterday for the first time since those remarks were published, reid spoke about the controversy. >> i have apologized to the president. i have apologized to everyone. i could have used a better choice of words. >> and now senator john ensign no stra
in washington were paying attention to what's going on in their lives. i don't think it was necessarily about health care because very frankly, massachusetts has health care. even scott brown voted for health care. they are saying -- lot of other issues like jobs and we want to make sure that people are paying -- our legislator, our representative, are paying attention to us. i think that the people in washington have been seen as doing sort of deals and legislation and not producing results. i think that this is a wakeup call you just can't talk and argue. you have to actually get results. >> how do the democrats go about doing that? i mean, i would -- i would imagine a kennedy out there on the stump would be out there at fenway park and in the early morning hours shaking hands. >> that's a good point. i'm sure if my brother joe were running, he would have won. i just -- i know that because he knows how to fight. he knows how to argue. he knows how to articulate what needs to be done. i'm sure if ted kennedy was on the ballot he would have won as well. i think the -- >> you bring up a point,
," president obama's now back in washington amidst new fears about our counterterror system. >> terrorists are smart. they know where security is good, they know where security is lax. >>> plus, the fight started by dick cheney, the obama administration is hitting back hard. >> either the vice president is willfully mischaracterizing this president's position both in terms of language he uses and the actions he's taken, or he's ignorant of the facts. >>> the new effort in airports around the world. there will be additional screenings for passengers headed to the u.s. from muslim countries and cuba. meanwhile, the aclu argues against body scanners. >> i think their argument is absolute nonsense. we now have body scanners which show simply an outline of the body. >>> also, rush limbaugh's praising the medical treatment he received in hawaii, and is ignoring the fact his health came from union nurses and staff and a state system that some lawmakers call the most liberal in the country. >>> the deep freeze across much of the nation. when will the midwest and east coast finally see some relief?
with democrats when he gets to washington. just 11% of voters want brown to thwart the democrats' agenda, according to a new "washington post" kaiser harvard poll. publisher ever the cook report at and a dw frent. thanks for joining us, charlie. >> good morning. >> how do you read the voting environment now ahead of the 2010 elections? >> i think what we saw in tuesday's election, special election in massachusetts, in this new kaiser harvard "washington post" poll, it's a continuation of what we've been seeing for about six months or so. one, you could say broadly voters are unhappy. that creates a lot of political turbulence. then you soo two contradictory things happening. one hand, a frustration democrats have been pushing health care to a lesser extent climate change and a time when people want to see a focus on the economy. remember when bill clinton said during the 1992 presidential campaign he wanted to focus on the economy like a laser beam. that's the focus that voters are looking for. but at the same time, in this survey in massachusetts showed and recent national surv
and roll things in washington, these statements? >> it certainly got everybody talking on tweets, in their facebook pages, in the wire service, you name it, up and down the internet. it all comes from a new book due out tuesday called "game change," by "time" magazine's mark halperin and "new york" magazine's john heilman. there are some racially charged comments from the senate democratic leader harry reid in describing the prospects that barack obama, then the junior senator from illinois, would have running for president in 2008, reid thought they were good, principally because -- "he is a light-skinned," is barack obama, african-american man, harry reid is quoted in the book. he goes on to say, barack obama has no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one." this broke off the weekend as advanced copies trickled their way into reporters' hands and were found at book stores ahead of the publication date. harry reid said, "i sincerely apologize for offending any and all americans especially african-americans for my improper comments." shortly after that, barack obama of course
correspondent pete williams joins me from our bureau in washington. an extremely fast verdict, pete. >> instantaneous, you would have to say, chris. the jury had barely been out of the courtroom for 15 minutes baf before they announced they had a verdict. what that tells you is they got into the jury room, took a quick vote and it was unanimous, as it must be. and with the quick time, the presumption is that it will be a guilty verdict. late yesterday the judge in the trial threw out the idea that his defense lawyers were pushing, throughout this trial, which was he should not be convicted of first-degree murder but a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, chris. >> pete, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >>> live shot there in baltimore. not sure how many people are going to be before president obama. you see him there with the republican leadership, obviously having some prayers said. we'll keep our eye on that, get you up-to-date on some other things as well, as we wait for the president to speak. he is about nine minutes early. we are, indeed, waiting for the president. t
. and it's not just a washington problem. it's a state and local and citizen problem as well as the federal government. our conclusion was that the best way to deter a terrorist attack with a biological weapon is for the terrorists to know that you're very well prepared, that you can reduce the impact of the attack to less than mass destruction. there are many steps required for that effective response, knowing that you're under attack, having the therapeutics to give to the people who have been impacted, to having proper medical care available. we think on all of those links of the chain of response, we are woefully weak. >> we're looking at that report card now. one area is homeland security, oversight and recruiting. homeland security was created specifically to deal with these kinds of threats. let's talk about what can be done. if there were one or two things that you think immediately the obama administration can look at, what would they snb. >> one, we need to have somebody in charge. there are a couple dozen federal officials who have some part of this response to biological attack.
the overall atmosphere, what a change from only a year ago with all the excitement here in washington and the election and the swearing in of barack obama. >> and to that point, andrea, what does it say about barack obama? you have house speaker nancy pelosi, one headline says she zinged obama by saying there are a number of things he was saying on the campaign trail and that he anoud liberals by claiming he did not campaign on public option. what does this say about him? he is the leader of this party? >> she was a little bit defensive. she was reacting to a formal request from c-span to carry the live coverage of health care negotiations as he had promised during the campaign. that's the kind of promise that candidates make. it's awfully hard to do as a president. what they need, in fact, according to pelosi and the others on the hill is as much privacy as possible. that's not transparency and good government and all the rest, but that's the only way to get a good health care bill. she needs to persuade her members to go along with the senate because they have no margin for error in
volunteers served breakfast at the search of the epiphany in washington, d.c. again, all part of the legacy for that man, martin luther king jr. later this evening, president obama and first lady michelle obama, will honor dr. king at a let freedom ring concert at the kennedy center. and a programming note for you tonight, msnbc will examine the issues surrounding race and post racial identity in america with a two-hour prime time special. "obama's america: 2010 and beyond" hosted by "hardball's" chris matthews and tom joyner at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >>> california is bracing for five winter storms in five days. it is already snowing in the north this morning. the mountains could get three feet today and up and down the coast people are stocking up on sandbags. in los angeles today residents who live below the wildfire ravaged mountains are on high alert in case there are flash floods. >>> and despite the rain in los angeles last night, hollywood's top stars made their way to the beverly hilton hotel for the 6 th annual golden globe ray awards and the big winner last night -- >> and a th
in artford a balmy zero in new york city and washington, you get the snow. feels like 10 right now. the saturday forecast, then, stays dry in the northeast. the far northeast, at least. temperatures in the 20s. but in the southeast, it's going to continue to be that mess with deal with, and then on sunday, everything clears out for almost everyone. it's still going to be very cold in the center of the nation, also the southeast going to be nice. not as trech arous. >> i heard that shout-out to all the viewers watching in chicago. >> they're fine. you're fine. >> man up. okay. ginger zee, thank you so much. more later. >>> still ahead, we'll get a live report on the storm from north carolina. it's coming up in a few minutes. >>> developing now, nbc news has learned the upcoming 9/11 trialless be moved out of new york city. two obama officials say the justice department is drawing up plans for alternatives to new york to try professed mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed and alleged accomplices. joining me, national security reporter for the "washington post." another good morning. >> g
think we're going to hear that sense of frustration from the president about the way washington works and how slow change really is. i think this is a president who may let off a little bit of steam on that, because things haven't been able to turn around as quickly as he would like to. whether he'll acknowledge his own role in the failings of washington we'll have to wait and see. it's our understanding he'll accept some of the responsibility on health care. the process didn't go as smoothly or quickly as he hoped. this is mostly economic speech, job speech, themes aimed squarely at the middle class. there will be foreign policy as well. he's going to talk about health care, no question about that, make a strong pitch for it. i think we'll hear him issue challenges to republicans to get on board, to try to be helpful, not be obstructionist, hit themes of, fine, you've got 41 votes, now you've got to be part of the solution here. in terms of laying out a way forward on health care, that's something we won't hear from the president because frankly it's something they just don't know ye
.com for details, terms and conditions. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington, and what a day this one is. president obama is preparing for his first state of the union address. the latest details of his speech are leaking out, plus new poll numbers show americans are fed up with their government especially congress. >>> plus, it's being called the louisiana watergate. the man known for his hidden camera expose on a.c.o.r.n. where he poses a pimp and prostitute. three others were arrested for trying to bug the senator's office phone lines. plus if you like to watch the misery of others, you will love the hearing today featuring treasury secretary tim geithner and his predecessor henry paulson. lawmakers will be hammering them about their roles in saving aig and the back door bailout of goldman sachs. this one is going to be exceptionally feisty. we will bring it to you live. plus, as the hours tick down, the president's speech tonight all day on msnbc we will look at the state of your state. what are the economic concerns of your state and what do you and your neighbors
to shift the talk in washington back to the economy and away from that christmas day terror attempt. nbc's mike viqueira joins us live from the white house. good morning to you, mike. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> how effective do you think it will be for the president to shift away from terror and on to the economy? listen, both these things, while different in tone, they're both imperative. >> reporter: absolutely, and there's a political imperative here in washington as well, and that is because every member of the house of representatives is going up for re-election this year, 2010, and a third of the senate. there's considerable pressure from democratic allies in congress to do something about jobs. a second stimulus bill already passed the house in december, alex, pending in the senate, but the world keeps intruding here at the white house. of course, the attempted bombing on christmas day has focused the attention here. two weeks the review took from homeland security and intelligence officials here. the president with the big announcement earlier this week and then shifting
't come close enough for "the washington post's" kathleen parker who writes -- "obama's open-collared vacation was deliver odd and katrina time, about two days too late, and fell a few links short of reassuring. calm in the face of potential zaft cere laudable but it's a fine line between executive tranquility and passive nonchalance. like a tone-deaf disk jock ji, obama plays elevator music when the crowd wants john philip souza. i'm joined by analyst pat buchanan and peter fenn. happy new year. >> happy new year, chris. >> is that fair, the criticism that the president was tone-deaf? >> no. the fact is you have to go out and make a statement if you're president of the united states with the facts. i think the administration coming out on sunday and saying the system worked is a legitimate criticism. the system clearly didn't work and the president, you know, on tuesday said just that. but i think -- you know, i think that the monday morning quarterbacking by conservative columnists is really not called for. what the american people want, chris, is they want less finger-poin
have coattails to extend from 2008 to 2010 right now is seeping away. right now in washington, everybody on capitol hill is looking to their own political survival and they are going to make determinations both in terms of whether they run, whether they don't run but also how they vote on health care, financial regulation, all those big issues. much more now based on their own individual political interests than in the larger cause of supporting the president. >> mark, as far as the timing, a lot of people think, oh, maybe they were home with their families over the holidays and got used toyota. i've heard a lot of people find out filing deadlines for the primaries essentially start coming up in a couple weeks, that the democrats dorgan and dodd wanted to make sure other democrats had an opportunity to meet those deadlines. what are you picking up on that? >> absolutely. that's where rahm emanuel -- obviously we're not going to directly see his fingerprints on this. he's been looking at the overall landscape. i think in those states where the incumbents, democratic incumbents
the american people want. the poll you took said 93% of americans think washington is too partisan. the other 7% still live in washington. that's what president obama campaigned against in 2008. that was his initial offer saying there are no red states or blue states. he may get written off as roll your eyes by the washington crowd but it's what the american people want to see. >> on that point, it's not a good idea for the president at least on the on-camera portion to attack the crowd that's been attacking him. >> no, and he's doing a good thing by going and talking to them. i was dit disheartened to see john boehner say he has principles, he's not going to negotiate for the sake of negotiating. what's the point then? either you want 100% of the loaf. the american people want these parties to work together. boehner's comments were disheartening. if i'm obama i'm going there thinking this guy doesn't want to negotiate on anything, what's the point? why am i wasting the gas mile age to go 50 miles to baltimore? >> here is what john boehner said about the president's state of the union address.
't want a 60th vote for the bill. this is a populous uprising. i think the message inside washington should be get something done. >> dr. dean, when you said you would get into the oval office and talk to the president and tell them to push harder. >> actually that's what you said. i don't think i'm likely to get to the oval office. >> were you to get that chance, would you suggest to the president to push harder. this is in light of a new msnbc "wall street journal" poll which shows 30% of american polled say they approve, 55% disapprove. what did the president do wrong, in your opinion? >> look, i didn't say the president pushes harder on what we already have, i suggested the president push simple reforms through. they are going to benefit a significant number of american people i might add before 2010. if you're not going to get this done before 2010, if you're going to wait for 2013 we'll have defend this two more times when every member of congress is up, the house is up, a third of the senators and the president himself that we don't want to do. you don't want to defend somethi
in washington. he was briefed by homeland security secretary janet napolitano and top counter terror adviser john brennan. the nation's top intelligence officer said thursday he will, quote, commend those who did their jobs well and hold accountable those who did not. the president continues his vacation in hawaii. we will check in with chuck todd on the working aspect of the president's vacation in a couple of minutes. on "meet the press" david gregory will ask john brennan about the attempted christmas day terror attack. also on the show former homeland security secretary michael chertoff and former cia director michael hayden. check your local listings for the times in your area. >>> the reports from afghanistan this new year's morning that a u.s. service member died from injuries received in eastern afghanistan. however, officials say those injuries were not combat related. the coast guard is searching for a cruiseship passenger who went overboard in the bahamas. the 23-year-old woman reportedly jumped from "monarch of the seas." and african american golf pioneer bill powell has died in
the president of the united states who left washington and went into massachusetts for a last-ditch effort to protect senate democrats 60-vote super majority. norah o'donnell is msnbc's chief washington correspondent. she joins us now live from boston. so, norah, any indication that the president was a game changer, that his visit had an impact this late? >> reporter: well, i just spoke with some democratic sources who tell me that the internal polling for martha coakley as the democrat in the race shows her up two points. she was down one point last week. so far that's the only poll that shows her up as you just pointed out some of the public polls have showed the republican scott brown ahead or at least the race neck and neck. whatever it is, it's within the margin of error. it seems like a very close race. the democrats hope that barack obama come in here is going to energize some of those democrats who may have been sitting on the fence, who may have had doubts about martha coakley. also some of the democrats are saying that they believe that the momentum is heading their way. they bel
they only traveled from their homes in washington, d.c. to pakistan to help helpless muslims. the court ordered all five to remain in custody. another hearing set for january 18th. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. embassy in yemen will remain closed until conditions perm. it's one of three western embassies shuttered in the past two days amid increased al qaeda threat. they ramp up on terror strongholds killing two suspected al qaeda militants. more evidence of the escalating battle in that arab state. >> the instability in yemen is a threat to regional stability and even global stability. we know that this is a difficult set of challenges but they have to be addressed. >> let's bring in nbc news terrorism analyst evan coleman and msnbc analyst and retired general barry mccaffrey. great to have you both. general, i'll start with you. in sunday's "washington post" there's this lengthy report about how al qaeda has done well in yemen because for the last decade there have been missteps and mistakes by the governments. seems we took our eye off the ball. do we have a st
. >> the fdic looking into wall street's compensation practices. a board meeting held in washington today to look at whether the charge -- whether to charge higher deposit insurance premiums on banks that don't pay bonuses presented only nightly in long-term stock or don't include clawbacks provision. >> they are looking at a lot of different options. special commission created is holding its first hearing tomorrow. >> the bipartisan financial crisis inquiry commission has ten members, six chosen by the congressional majority, that's the democrats, and four chosen by the republicans. scheduled to testify tomorrow, top executives from goldman sachs, morgan stanley, bank of america. joining us now with more on the financial crisis commission and what it hopes to accomplish is "washington post" financial reporter david cho. david, it seems like this is going to be a beating on capitol hill like was endured by the auto executives. is that when we are in for here? >> the commission is not intending overall to beat up on wall street executives. they are trying to unearth the causes of crisis. j
're on our way, we're trying to get in, we're either stuck in new york, washington, santo domingo. but let the people know we're on our way trying to make it in. they actually asked for addresses to some of the border hospitals where they need immediate attention. i really believe if these doctors showed up they'd be put to work immediately because they do need trained professionals. a lot of these people aren't doctors, they're medics but they're doing the best they can. >>> on the heels of that report, i'm joined by nbc news chief science correspondent robert bazell who is going to bring us the latest on the setting up of the hospitals, the influx of u.s. physicians, surgeons, nurses coming in. that's got to be a top priority for the u.s. right now. what are you seeing, bob? >> reporter: well, you were saying a logistical nightmare that just keeps continuing. all these helicopters that you hear behind me, maybe you see some of the troops, there's an enormous effort to just stuff things into the country as fast as possible but of course it is a logistics nightmare. we've been visiting sev
this is an anti-washington movement you're seeing. when the republicans are in power, people want to be a democrat and they want the democrats in power. they feel they put the democrats in power, a lot of people don't think a lot has happened since barack obama took office a year ago tomorrow. and i think that's what you're really seeing. and you're seeing republicans energized. the scott brown campaign worked very hard from the day they won the primary and they're in very good position today. >> lenny, i want to ask you about a gaffe made by scott brown a year ago. he responded to somebody pointing out that barack obama -- that his parents were married when barack obama was born and scott brown seemed to throw fuel on the fire of all those tea partiers who think that barack obama perhaps was not an american and was not born to legitimate parents. watch. >> sponsored a build for tax subsidized golf course and against financial aid for red cross workers working 9/11. >> that is my district. >> scott, are you going to explain that vote? >> number two, we were in a financial difficulty and we couldn'
conversation in washington away from the christmas day terror attempt and back to the economy. as a labor department report released friday shows the economy shed ten times more jobs than expected in december. mike vicaro joins me now from the white house. the president says the overall trend in job loss, pointing in the right direction. a lot of americans who might disagree with that. how does he plan to reassure them? >> the president says, yes, the job loss picture is getting better, but there is no hiding the sense of disappointment at the white house yesterday. they thought the december numbers were going to get better. let's look at the numbers. the unemployment picture for december. 85,000 jobs lost in december. the u.s. jobless rate remains at 10%, alex. that's the same tass was it was november. the u.s. underemployment rate, this is the figure that they calculate where people who have doctor we -- were looking for jobs quit looking for jobs, 17.3%, that's staying steady as well. the president under considerable pressure from his democratic allies in congress to pass a second stim
and shoulderering responsibility by that. let's be joined by cnbc washington correspondent john harwood listening to the briefing. john, your take away from this. very conciliatory tone. he's saying, look, it is what it is and got to move forward. to what extent does the white house need to look at what happened and say big lessons learned. here is what we cannot do anymore? >> look, this is where everyone around this president and the president himself and the democratic leadership in the house and senate are going to earn their money. this is a very tough environment to operate in, 10% unemployment, they inherited difficult problems. those problems have not gone away and they have got to figure out whether or not the environment allows for large legislation to go. i think, you know, we were just listening to chip reed's last question, is the white house going to assert more leadership. they are saying the president's leadership is pretty effective. when is the last time the house of representative or senate passed a piece of health care legislation. the answer is, never. the question is, in thi
there is something messed up with the defensemmocrats in washington. >> reporter: look, campaigns are always about the climate and the candidate. we know the climate is horrible for democrats. there's a lot of anxiety and anger that things haven't changed, that the economic picture, the job picture is still poor, and also in this case the candidate has had some real problems. not only did she make that gaffe about calling curt schilling a yankees fan but also in the debate she said there was no al qaeda in afghanistan. i mean, there were a series of gaffes she made not only that came from her own mouth but from her campaign. anecdotally you hear about the lack of organization, about the lack of knocking on doors. there aren't even signs in places like newton, massachusetts, which are low-hanging fruit for the democratic party. so a series of things that probably the coakley campaign has done wrong and many people are already sort of writing that obituary about what went wrong with this entire campaign if, in fact, scott brown wins because you bet the republicans are going to be saying -- waving th
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